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Hachiojiis surrounded by three sides of mountains forming the Hachioji Basin which opens up towrd the east in the direction of Tokyo. The mountain ranges the southwest including Mount Takao and Mount Jinba which is one of the popular hiking sites destinations. Hachioji city was played as an important junction point and post town along the Koshu Kaido, the main road that connects into Edo period in Japan. Hachioji Tokyo is quite populated area it has an estimated population of 579,330 and a population density of 3110 persons per km. Hachioji specifically located in the foothills of the okutama Mountain in western Tokyo.
Hachioji stretches over a large area combining such diverse parts as a densely populated city center and its shopping district with hardly populated rural areas in the west. In the late Meiji period on July 22, 1878 the area became part of Minamitama District in Kanagawa Prefecture. The town of Hachioji was created on April 1, 1889 with the establishment of Municipalities law. Hachioji became a city status on September 1, 1917.
During the Meiji period the Hachioji prospered as an important location for the production of silk and silk textiles. Today, Hachioji mainly serves as a commuter town for people working in Tokyo and as a location for many large colleges and universities. The City became an interesting place to visit. There you can see the ruin castle also known as Yamashiro or Mountain castle in Hachioji. The castle is use before to deter the coming of enemy and serves as a hide out of the ancient people. The city is popular in Mountain hiking there you can visit the Mount Takao and Mount Jinba. As you go along the hiking you will be amaze of what you will see and discover the beauty of each place. Visit other places is one way of getting an idea and knowledge of how specific place gone through. The place in Hachioji is surrounded with beauty of natures that you will surely like. There are more to visit in Hachioji the Komiya Park is one of the best stress reliever and to escape the isolated place in city. Book and travel guide now and experience the amazing place of Hachioji.

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