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 2018/09/21 未分類
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Hasuda is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 62,284 and population density of 2,280 person per km. Hasuda was very organized City and is one the primary bedroom community with over half of it’s population commuting to neighboring Saitama city or the Tokyo Metropolis for work. The city continue to developed it’s agricultural production.

There are numerous archaeological sites in Hasuda, including are the shell middens and burial mounds within the city limits. The city is also abundant with the gift of natural environment and some of it’s popular destinations are Saijonuma Park, Hasuda Nekin Sunflower, Choseishiko Memorial Park, Barasono ( Botanical Garden), Motoarakawa Kasenjiki park, Fureanomuri park, keifukuji (Buddhist temple), Shishi Museum and Higashiomiya Central Park.

There are many more interesting things to do in Hasuda city. Bring your love ones to the place and enjoy the rest of your stay.


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