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Hidaka City

 2018/09/21 未分類
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Hidaka is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 56,454 and a population density of 1,190 person per km.

Hidaka remained primarily agricultural, with some light manufacturing. The city is one of the bedroom community for Tokyo Metropolis to the South.

The city is gifted with abundance of natural resources and environment. Nomerous adventures and entertaining activities can be found in the city. Some of the best destinations are kinchakuda plateau, koma Jinja, koma shrine, kinchakuda higanbana fields (park mountain and camping), chikozan park, hidaka total park, Sayama city chikozan park, shodenin ( temple), Gojo falls (waterfall), Historical landmark, and their observation deck.

There are many interesting things to do more in the city. If your looking for a place for vacation, choose Hidaka city and filled yourself with satisfaction and happiness.

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