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Hokkaido is the Second largest island of Japan. The city had an estimated population of 5, 377, 435.

The Island of Hokkaido is located at the North end of Japan, near Russia and had coastlines on the Sea of Japan. The center of the Island has a number of mountains and volcanic plateaus and existing coastal plains in all directions.


Hokkaido attracts many outdoor lovers including skiers and snowboarders in cold season. Hikers, cyclist and campers during June to September because it is sunny and is the best time for the said activity.

Hokkaido is one the big cities in Japan Prefecture. There are numerous activities awaits in the place. Some of their popular destinations are the Nisek (leading snow resort with lots of powder), the Furano Town with beautiful lavenders and flowers and the Sapporo serves as the largest city on the Island of Hokkaido and is serve as Hokkaido National Parks.

Hokkaido is one the best place to visit. There are more exciting things to discover and do in the City Island. Book and travel now to Hokkaido, and filled your self with joy and happiness.


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