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Kokubunji City

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Kokubunji is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis,Japan. The city hadnan estimated population of 122, 787 and population density of 10,710 person per km. The area of present day was part of ancient Musashi province and become site of the Nara period .

Kokubunji is the home of the Hitachi Central Research laboratory which contains one of the largest natural preserves in the area surrounded by Tokyo. Group of companies like railways technical research institute and technical research company under Japan Railways are located in the city.

Some local attraction of kokubunji is the kokubunji hereis were Buddhist temple established, Tonogayato Garden, parks and kokubunji Museums. There are many more site to visit the place and the place is filled with natural resources. Visit and enjoy your vacation at kokubunji city


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