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Minamiashigara icity

 2018/09/08 未分類
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Minamiashigara is a city located in kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

It has an estimated population of 42,642 and a population density of 550 person per km. Minamiashigara is abundant of fresh water and they are one of the producers of green tea and Mikan.

he city is surrounded with greeny grass and beautiful landscape of parks. Some of the specific attraction in the city is the Sajoji Temple located in a old growth cedar forest, the Maruta no Mori a park with hiking trails, and Yuhi Na Taki and Ashigara pass.

Those are just few information but if you go there personally you will be amazed by what you will see and know about the place. Come and visit Minamiashigara and enjoy.

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