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Odawara City

 2018/09/08 未分類
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Odawara is a city in kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

It has an estimated population of 194, 672 and a population density of 1,710 person per km.

The city is major commercial centre for Western kanagawa prefecture that manufactured light industry,chemicals, pharmaceutical and food processing.

The city is one of the bedroom community of Yokohama and Tokyo.

Odawara has many interesting site to visit and many activities to do from its historical to cultural site and entertainment.

The city is commonly known as a major transit point for the Hakone Hot Spring resort area and a sight seeing location of the Fuji hakone – Izu National Park.

Odawara known was for having  wide clear water that is good for fishing and swimming, and for scuba diving visit Enoura beach in Odawara very popular for scuba.

And for learning purposes you can visit Suzuhiro kamaboko village for making learnings about the Odawara kamaboko.

Visit the city because there is a lot more to offer you to complete your vacation time.

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