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Shizuoka is a prefecture in Japan located in the Chubu Region.

The capital is the city of Shizuoka and is the second largest city in both population and area.

The city has an estimated population of 697,578 and population density of 494 person per km.

The city name is made up of two kanji, shizu, meaning ” still ” or ” “calm” and oka means “hills”. The city lies between Tokyo and Nagoya along the Tokaido Corridor, between Suruga Bay to the South and the Ninami Alps in the North. Shizuoka is the largest area of any municipalities in Japan.

The City of Shizuoka is an high rank of urban employment and business region. The city rank as second largest of both geographic area and population.

The area is sorrounded by nine beautiful municipalities.

It has a fan like shape of the Shizuoka Plain and Miho Peninsula were formed over the ages by the fast flowing Abe River, carrying collapsed sand and Earth.

The Prefecture is very interesting, it has all the things you wanted to do in a vacation. It is proven and testified great experience among the visitors.
Have fun. Come and visit Shizuoka Prefecture Japan and discover more.

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