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Miura City

 2018/09/08 未分類
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Miura is a city located in kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

The city has an estimated population of 44,132 and a population density of 1,400 person per km.

The city dominated by commercial fishing and is important fishing harbor for processing tuna. Agricultural still continue and produces watermelon and daikon.

Miura is surrounded by sea on three sides.

It’s gifted by a natural resources and many activities is done in the city.

The place has a magnificent view of the Pacific ocean.

Miura was popular by swimming, beach picnic and beach sports in Miurakaigan beach.

If you want a overlooking view visit Togashima island in their observation Tower that covers the magnificent view of the Island.

If you love dolphins and penguins, And wish to touch and see them personally?

Visit Miura keiky Aburatsubo Marine park.

This are just few mentioned activity.

I suggest, visit the city and get extraordinary experience once in your life.

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