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Zama City

 2018/09/09 未分類
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Zama is a city located in kanagawa prefecture, Japan.

It has an estimated population of 129,568 and a population density of 7,370 person per km.

The city was considered as a home to the united States camp Zama Army base.

The city is surrounded by Rivers and was well known for its drinking water which is water is cold by summer and warm during winter.

Zama was surrounded by Rivers and is abundant with natural environment.

The place is the best destination for every family vacation.

You can visit some of their best attraction the Zama Yatoyama park, Serizawa park, Common Sunflower, Izumi no Mori and kanagawa kenrentsu Sagamisansen Park.

These are just few mentioned destination, it has more to offer the city.

Visit and discover many beautiful site and it’s nearby places.

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