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  3. 6.7 magnitude Earthquake strikes at Sapporo City Japan

6.7 magnitude Earthquake strikes at Sapporo City Japan

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6.7 Magnitude Earthquake Strikes at Sapporo City Japan.

The strong earthquake occurs in Sapporo in northern Japan, yesterday at 7pm.

The people were woken up by the strong shaken of environment.

Many buildings were damage and the shaken cause’s landslide in the area.

Many people trapped in their houses due to the impact of shaken.

The Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said to the officials to the command center for the rescue operation in the area of responsibility.

So far, there is no Tsunami warning yet, said the USGS.

The epicenter was just miles from the city of Chitose, home to Hokkaido’s main airport. The earthquake was measured intensity 7.0 and was lasted just an hour.

There are about 11 people killed and 450 people injured.

The rescue operation still continues searching in any affected area.

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