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Vacant House in Japan

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There are 8 million vacant house in Japan, because the population is very down.

 Nobody marry.


   Why? If someone work’s hard he/ she wants to save money and choose the

                     His/ her partner with a high standard.

You take N5 a Japanese language proficiency, and pass the exam, there is a big chance

                  that you can work in Japan and the years of stay will be 1-2 years. To give you an idea about     the salary maybe around 15,000 yen ( 4,600×15) = 69,000 in peso.    

After a year you can get certificate income and can barrow to bank around 50,000 yen in peso it would be 230,000 peso,  then you can pay the bank monthly.

You can sell house in Japan.

You can renovate the house , you can paint it so it looks new one and you can sell it higher than you barrow from the bank and you can make income out of it.


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