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Bankruptcy is a legal status of a person or other entity that cannot repay depts to creditors. Although reform of japans Civil Code raises the potential of introducing yet another form of moral hazard into Japans economy. They can pave the way to cleaning up japans sea zombie companies.
Filling of bankruptcy is a last resort than doing nothing at all. It will lessen your total billing if you file for bankruptcy, it was quick easy and inexpensive. There are, of course, disadvantage to filling. You need to explain your side with your colleagues or relatives why certain things happen like that. Especially in japan being bankrupt is severe. This is a country were bad debt doesn’t exist. A bankrupt person will face many challenges once they file for bankruptcy individual is entered into database in various agency.
In japan there is government system helps you recover to financial distress. And if you have assets or property like home as a joint property of your husband or wife. Sell it immediately. Creditor had a hard time in ceasing property which is joint property for they won’t be able to sell it quickly. Sell all you remaining property so you can restart for something new with your family. For after ten years is the allowable time for a bankrupt person to borrow or make loans to any banks agency. That’s why if you still have property sell it. And avail government program for the needy in japan.
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