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Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Chiba is a Prefecture in Japan loacated in the Kanto region and the Greater Tokyo area. It is the sixth most populated Prefecture and is 27th largest by land area. The capital city is Chiba. City’s estimated population is 6,236,517 and population density of 1,209.53 per km, and has 54 municipalities.

Most of Chiba lies on the hill part of Boso Peninsula, which is known for rice farming region. The Kuroshio current flows near Chiba, which keeps it relatively warm in winter and cooler in summer than neighbouring Tokyo.

Chiba is abundant with natural Environmental resources. The city is full of adventures and beautiful sites to visit and enjoy during vacation time. The place is best for any travel occasion.
Come and experience extra ordinary feeling of enjoyment in Chiba Prefecture Japan.

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