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Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Japan country was known to be at high range of divorce cases There are about 90 per cent of divorces in Japan are “divorced of agreement” signing the form of rikon-todoke (divorce notice). Japan does not recognize joint custody. For them it is illegal. There are four types of divorce in japan:
• Divorce by agreement (kyogi rikon), based on mutual agreement.
• Divorce by mediation (chotei rikon), completed by applying for mediation by the family court.
• Divorce by decision of the family court (shimpan rikon), when divorce cannot be established by mediation.
• Divorce by judgement of a district court (saiban rikon).
Foreigners can file divorce in japan if one of the parties is legal resident in japan. Japanese language and understanding must be done in the hearing proceedings, but he or she can bring a translator.

If you think that the marriage life you have is not working great. And if you like to secure your financial asset. Look forward to a great deal of your property before filling a divorce case. Before going to worse scenario that your spouse will make a claim that your intentionally dissipated marital assets.

And if the divorce action Is done and the marital assets you have is little, there is a government program in japan that provides single parent a pension payment to help them provides their needs. If you have the property you cannot avail the system. Sell the property in good deal. There is one that can help you.

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