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Fuchu is a city located in Tokyo metropolis, Japan. It has an estimated population of 261,488 and population density of 8,888 people per km. The Government of ancient Musashi province and was established by Jaika reform. The city prospered as a local center of politics, ecomy and culture. They prospered as a post town of the koshu kaido during the Edu period. Kita Tama district public was placed Fuchu city during the start of the Meiji Era. The fuchu is approximately located west of the center of Tokyo. The region is mostly flat land, to the south of the Fuchu cliff is the tama river lowlands and Tama River grazes the northeast end of the city. Fuchu is the largest Prison. It is a home to a major Japan Self Defense Force air base. The city is highly disciplined and organized


Here are some of the interesting sites in Fuchu Tokyo. The Baba Daimon – Zelova Tree Street a statue of Minamuto- no yoriyoshi is located here, the first man who planted trees. He first planted trees as a sign of gratitude of the victory in the battled during the Heian Period. Planting became traditional, as you visit here you find yourself seemingly in ancient wood land. The canopy of Zelkova tress covers the sky to create a tunnel appearing to run endlessly in both directions. The Okunitama Shrine designed to worship a god named Okunitama it is the oldest shrine in Japan and is a home to a treasure house of Matsuri items. Only group of tours can come inside, you will discover different collections of shrines. The Funchu kyodo-no- Mori Museum is where Fuchu preserved some fined examples of Japanese architecture including those first influenced by European style and set them as open air museum. It displays original artifacts and as you step out there you will see Gardens surrounded with post houses, stores and working tea house. The Koanji Temple is home to a little gem and different statues which are nice for taking photos. The summer festivals in Funchu is very unique they believe that sacred things can be seen at night it became a highlight to the city.

There are a lot more to discover in Fuchu. Visit and discover the hidden beauty of the place.

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