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Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Gunma is a mountainous landlocked prefecture in Japan and is located in the kanto region.

The capital is the city of Maebashi that comprise an urban zone of over 1 million people.
It is separated by farmland to the South from the built up area of greater Tokyo.

The city had an estimated population of 1,917,195 with 35 municipalities.

Gunma has many hot spring resorts and most famous in kusatsu onsen. Another draw to the mountainous Gunma is the ski resorts. There are many more attraction located in the area some of its populars are the Lake Nozori, Hara Museum Arts, Ikaho Sistina Trick Art Museum, Mount Haruna, Kuratsu Alpine plant Museum, Kuratsu Hot spring Museum, Mount Kuratsu shirane, Mount Tanigawa, Mount Akagi, Mount Myogi and Museum of modern art, Gunma.
Historical sites are more in the city. Adventurous activities also exist in Gunma. There are many choices of activities you can do when visiting Gunma. You cannot waste any single time in your vacation session. Come and try Gunma for a perfect holiday vacation.

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