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Hamura City

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Hamura is a city located in the Western portion of Tokyo Metropolis,Japan.

The city had an estimated population of 55, 596 and a population density of 5,620 person per km.

In present day Hamura has been inhabited since Japanese Paleolithic time.

The city is primary regional commercial center and is one of the bedroom community for central Tokyo and it’s neighboring Ome. Several electronics company and it’s facilities is located in the city.

Some of the local attraction of the city is the Hamura Diversion Weir, Asoshrine, Hamura Zoo and the Hamura Water Park.

Hamura water park offers Summer time outing for families in western Tokyo.

The city is also abundant with natural resources in which many beautiful sites and activities will do. Visit and see one of the satisfied visitors of the place. Book now and visit Hamura city Tokyo.

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