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Higashimurayana City

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Higashimurayana is a city located in the Western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. The city has an estimated population of 150,984 and a population density of 8,810 person per km. Higashimurayana is in the North center of Tokyo Metropolis at the Musashino Terrace that is inhabited since Japanese Paleolithic times. The city was formerly an agricultural area and known for it’s sweet potatoes production and now as primary source of regional commercial center. The city is one of the the bedroom community of central Tokyo.



One of the local attraction in the city is the Oldest intact building in Tokyo and one of only two buildings registered as a National Treasure of Japan, the Hachikokuyama park (inspiration for “my neighbor Totoro”), the National Hansen ( disease Museum of Japan), the sight of 14th century battle of kumegawa, and the segment of Kamakura kaido highway.

Higashimurayana city can offer you more, aside from it’s historical, cultural, parks and views there is also adventurous stuffs to do and entertaining activities. You will surely love the place. Come and visit the city and be satisfied.

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