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Higashiyamato City

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Higashiyamato is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis like, Japan. The city has an estimated population of 85,229 and population density of 6350 person per km. Higashiyamato has Aircraft Company but was bomb by the US during the World War ll. There are a lot of large scale municipal owned houses and population increasing at the present time including the diversion of land for housing into an old farmland in the village. The city has now become biggest producer of agricultural products like Sayama tea and Tama- ko lake pear.

Some of the best local attraction in the city is the Tama lake, Seibuen amusement park, the ski resort, Skiing, snowboarding and winter sports complex, the Lily garden of Tokorozawa, Higashiyamato south park and the Sun flower garden. There is a lot to visit and enjoy the place. The place is very natural and peaceful, it is good for any vacation trip for families and friends.

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