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Inagi City

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Inagi is a city located in the Western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 87,927 and population density of 4,890 person per km. Inagi is South Central portion of Tokyo Metropolis. The Tama River flows through the city which is bordered by kanagawa prefecture to the south.

Inagi as a modern municipality was founded on April 1, 1889 as Inahi village and became Minamitama District. The city status was established on November 1, 1971. It is one of the large bedroom community for central Tokyo.

One of the local attractions of Inagi is Yomiuriland Amusement Park situated on hillsides and features rides such as roller coaster and water flames, the Tokinoirodori Natural Hot spring Inagi, the Inagi Central Park , Piscina Yomiuriland land, and the Wakabadai Park. There are also beautiful Hotels located in the city for easy access. There are many more to discover Inagi city. Let it be one of your choice to full fill your dream vacation holiday

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