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Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Iwate is located on the main island of Honshu, it contains the island eastern most point.

The capital is Morioka.

Iwate faces the Pacific ocean to the east with sheer, Rocky cliffs along most of the shoreline interrupted by a few Sandy beaches.

The city had an estimated population of 1,330,530. T

he area was inhabited by the Tomon people who left artifacts throughout the Prefecture. Iwate is a prefecture of Tohoku region Japan.

Iwate is the second largest Prefecture in Japan.

They are known for beautiful fertile because of it’s amazing nature with both wide both mountainous and seaside areas.

There are beautiful mountains in Ou and kitatami mountain ranges like “Mt. Iwate”, the highest mountain in Iwate.

Along with natural wonders, there are also historical and cultural sites that is related to ” Hiraizume Culture and is listed as UNESCO’s, world cultural heritage.

Visitors may enjoy many sites in the wonders of Iwate. There are also various popular hot Springs resort in Iwate for relaxation and refreshments.

Since, Iwate belongs to one of a largest Prefecture, it is filled with the abundance of natural environment.

Come and discover more of Iwate yourself and amaze into satisfaction.


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