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Kasukabe City

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Kasukabe is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 232,294 and a population density of 3520 person per km. Kasukabe was the official town tree and was a regional commercial center with mixed economy.

The city has an extraordinary beauty and features. It consists with different views of attraction that is breathtaking and soul catching. Some of its best attractions are the Tobo Zoo (amusement park and zoo with a pool area), Ushijima no Fuji (scenic spot), Uta Hot spring (hot spring with outdoor baths), Iwatsuki Castle (historic ruins of a 15th century Castle), Uchimaki Park (parks and cycling), Matsubusuimido rinooka park (large park for picnics and recreation), Ryu-Q kan (Museum), Iwatsukijoshi park, Showa total Park (community park with a pond and play area), Crayon Shin Chan theme park ( theme park in kasukabe Japan), Matsubusuimido Memorial Park, Heartful Garden, Ushijima furukawa park and Saishoin Temple.
There are many more to offer kasukabe city. If you choose the place for vacation destination, I guarantee you for not regretting it. Spend your holiday with love and enjoyment, choose Kasukabe.

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