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Kawagoe City

Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Kawagoe is a city located in Saitama Prefecture,Japan. The city had an estimated population of 350,541 and population density of 3,210 person per km. Kawagoe was designated as one the core city with increased local autonomy.


Kawagoe city was famous for their sweet potatoes and with their local Candy Street , selling such treats of sweet potato chips, sweet potato ice cream, sweet potato coffee and even sweet potato beer, brewed at the local Koedo Brewery. (Kashiya Yokocho).

Kawagoe festival was so famous because of its Bell of time ( Toki no Kane), it is a bell tower telling time to the city residents for almost 350 years and has been deemed as a symbol of the city. Kawagoe festival was also known as Intangible cultural heritage.

Another interesting attractions in Kawagoe are kita-in, Kawagoe hikawa shrine, Kawagoe Aquatic park, kinchakuda Higanbana fields, Kawagoe Saitama Children’s Zoo, Chikozan park, Maruyama Park, 500 rakan, Koedo kurari (tourist attraction), and kenei Sayamainoriya park.

There are many more adventurous things and attractive sites to visit Kawagoe city. If your planning for vacation trip, choose Kawagoe for your perfect choice of vacation.


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