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Kazo City

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Kazo is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 112,158 and a population density of 841 person per km. The city city was famous in making koinobori or carp kites, baseballs, kendo equipment and kazo Udon noodles.


Kazo has many enjoyable things to offer. Some of their best attraction are the Washinomiya Shrine (Anime and shrine), Saitama Aquarium (Aquarium and zoo), Musashi No Mira family land in the green (sprawling family nature and amusement park), kogasugo park, Tamashiki Shrine, koga Castle, Akagi Shrine (Mountain), Nature preserved, Prefectural boundaries, Tamashiki park, koga historical Museum, Inaho hot spring, Hanyu Sky sports parks, Soyu Secret forest and koga Museum of literature.

The place is good for vacation destination. It has the things you needed for a so called perfect vacation holiday. Come and visit Kazo city, and feel the amazing aruma of nature.

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