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Kitamoto City

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Kitamoto is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 67,319 and a population density of 3400 person per km. Kitamoto is a primarily bedroom community with a high percentage of its population commuting to either Saitama city or the Tokyo Metropolis for work.


Kitamoto is a place for everyone, it is abundant with a natural environment and has many historic ancient ruins. Some of their popular attractions are Glico Pia East (theme park), kitamoto hi kodomo park, Saitama Prefecture learning center (park and nature), kitamotoshinzen kansatsu park, Outdoor bath, kitamoto park, Sakuratsutsumi park, kitamoto Izabela plaza park, Scenic Spot, Ko shrine, konsu park, Toyama Memorial Museum, Nakamaru Park,and Shintaishido Park.

There many more to discover kitamoto. Your vacation is worth it if you choose kitamoto, bring your love ones and capture every moment together in the nice scenic view of kitamoto.

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