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Komaeshi City

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Komaeshi is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.

One of the 30 municipalities in the western portion of Tokyo is known as Tama Area.

City has an estimated population of 80, 464 and a population density of 12, 000 persons per km. it is the smallest administrative city in Tokyo and second smallest in terms of area in the nation.

Komae (Komaeshi) is a small municipality but it is essentially a residential suburb of Tokyo.

The city consists mostly of working people which considered being the center of community population of Tokyo.

Burial mounds of numerous Kofun are located within the city borders.

The city name was believed to be originated from the word ‘koma’, which means “migrants”.

The area in present day was part of ancient Musashi province. In the past, Meiji Restoration Cadastral reforms the area and became part of Minamitama District in Kanagawa Prefecture in July 22, 1878.

Itsukaichi to Shinjuko is near because of the Railways Odowara Line.

Then, merge to Komai to expand population and upgraded to a town status in 1952 and city status on October 1, 1970. On September 1, 1970, the Typhoon leveled Tama River and destroyed several houses and torrential flooding strikes. The area then became a small memorial stands.

The city is operated of Tourist Association that invites movie maker to shoot in the place with proper accommodation and complete facilities.

The local attractions in the city are the Annual events in Komae include a raft race in Tama River every month of July. The city’s fair is every Mid-November.

The town has a group of festival mascots called ‘Komarangers.

The group’s purpose is to cheer up citizens in town and comes with five colors red, blue, green, yellow and pink.

If you wish to witness the actual shooting of movies, you should visit Komaeshi City.

Aside from its working people there are many things and places to discover inside and nearby the city.

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