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Konosu City

Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Konosu is a city located in Saitama Prefecture, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 118,087 and a population density of 1,750 persons per km. Konosu owns a largest industries of plastics and electronic components manufacturing.

Konosu has known for its nickname “Doll Town”, because of many Hina Ningyo (type of Japanese doll) factories and was also know for Flower town.


There are many areas to visit konosu, some of their attractive spots or popular attractions are the kondai Hasu No Sato (Ancient lotuses Park), Glico Dia East, Tamashiki Shrine, Akagi Shrine, Poppy Happy Square, Sakuratsutsumi park, Sakura Riverside, Center for Environmental Museum, Seseragi Park, Konosushi Kamaya Park, Moto- Arakawa River Cherry park (scenic park), and Kawasato Central Park.

You will enjoy more, if you choose konosu as your trip destination for your holiday vacation. Come and visit now konosu city, Japan.


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