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Machida city

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Machida is a city in the western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan.

The city has an estimated population of 429,040 and a population density of 5,980 people per km. It is also part of the Ancient Musashi Province. The area became part of Minamita District in Kinagawa on July 22, 1878. Machida expanded through annexation of the neighboring village of Miname on April 1, 1954 followed by the villages of Tsurukaw, tadao and sakai on February 1, 1958 to become the city of Machida. After the USMC RF-84 crashed in the city the Tama New town develop resulted in a rapid increase in population becoming the city into brdroom community for Tokyo and Yokohama.

One of the local attractions of Machida is Buaiso Museum which is the former home of the post war Japanese bureaurat Tiro Shiraso and his wife Masako Shirasu.

The house is a wooden structure constructed in the traditional style with thatched roof and is surrounded by the Japanese Gardens. Another sites to visit Machida are this; The Machida city Museum of graphic Art, The Machida Squirrel Garden, The Tadao Park and the Grandberry Mall.

There are many interesting places and nearby places that is very interesting to visit in the Machida city. It is one of the best wards in Tokyo.

Transportation and accommodation is easy to get in the city and it is safe to travel with family.


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