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MIitaka city

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MIitaka city in a present day is part of the ancient Musashi province. The area was became part of kitatama district in kanagawa prefecture on July 22, 1878. The village of Mitaka was created on April 1, 1889 with the establishment of municipalities’ law. The Mitaka was officially founded as city last November 3, 1950. A motion to merge with neighboring Musashina City was failed on 1955 by only one single vote in the Mitaka city assembly. Mitaka incorporated a “community center plan” into its fiscal program. The city is primarily bedroom community of Tokyo. A number of animation studios, including studio pierrot and Telecom Animation Film have their corporate headquarters in Mitaka. The TAD Corporation of short –lived video game and the Subaru Tecnica International are headquarters is located in Mitaka.



Mitaka served as a hawking field called in Japanese as “three hawks”. The city major products are electrical machinery and transport equipment. Mitaka is now a residential suburb of the Tokyo. Yokohama Metropolitan area, is a site of the International Christian University and an astronomical observatory of the university of Tokyo.


Some of the attractions are, the Ghibli Museum which is a quite popular museum depicting the work of the Japanese animation studio Ghibli. It is an amazing experience of innovation where you get to see all of the popular Ghildi characters and has a little movie showing that you shouldn’t miss. The Nogawa Park, spend an evening at the park and enjoy the magical feeling of pleasure and peace of nature. The park is blessed with aesthetic beauty with the abundance of water and greenery in nature. The MIitaka Yamato Yuzo memorial Museum it consist a beautiful garden where you can freely stroll and is very popular place because of the famous author Yuzo Yamato. The place had become a cultural asset and depicts Yamatos art of work. The Zenrinji Temple popularly known as Eikando belongs to the Jodo seat of Japanese Buddhism, because of its autumn colors and illuminations the temple had become popular and destination spots in Japan. The autumn comes just every winter.


There are a lot more to visit Mitaka city and discover nearby cities consisting beautiful and amazing stuffs to do.




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