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Musashino is a city located in the western portion of Tokyo metropolis, japan.

Has an estimated population of about 143,868 and a population density of 13,090 person per km it is quite populated area. The area of present day Musashino is a part of Musashi Province. They became part of the Kitatama district in kanagawa prefecture on july 22, 1878. The village of Musashino was created on April 1, 1889 with the establishment of municipalities’ law. Musashino Aircraft Company, an aircraft engine plant that is located in the city is one of the interest targets of the late World War II with the American bombers. The city is one of the headquarters of the Anime and Manga Company commix studio.


Musashino grew as a farming village and was become a railway station at the Chuo man line.

The city is popular in a culture of Santoshi Kons anime series paranoia agent and Oyuki konnos shojo novel series Maria-sama ga Miteru that take place Musashino. The shohei Ooka a novel of a Wife’s in Musashino (musashino fujin) a drama in which a moral and a stoic woman trapped in loveless marriage with a selfish and morally decadent man. The Innocent Greys visual novel Kara no Shoujo serves as a pivotal setting of the story. The yokohama kaidashi kiko in which the ocean level continually rises, implying Tokyo that had been submerged many years before it.


The Musashino has its local attractions namely: Inokashira park which straddles Musashino and Mitaka in western Tokyo, Japan. The park contains a small shrine dedicated to benzaiten it has a petting and a small aquarium and a place where many vendors, musicians, artist and street performers gather. The most awaited time to visit is during the cherry blossom season. The Musashino Municipal athletic stadium (Shiritsu Musashino Rikujo kyogijo) a multi-use stadium in Musashino Tokyo japan that is currently being used mostly by the football matches and athletic events, it consists with many beautiful nice views with a wide range area.

There are many interesting place in Musashino from historical to cultural site of attraction. Explore the city, discover the beauty that lies within and field yourself with whelm and satisfaction’s.



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