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Musashimurayama City

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Musashimurayama is a city located in Western side of Tokyo, Japan. The city had an estimated population of 70,694 and a population density of 4,610 person per km. The city is part of the ancient Musashi Province in Meiji Era, the area was organized into four villages with in kitatama district in kanagawa prefecture. The town status elevated on November 3, 1954 and city status on November 3, 1970.

The area was traditionally known as a “center of cotton and textile ” production. The place was the origin of a Nissan Automobile assembly plant in 1962 by the prince Motor company. When it was closed, then become a museum of Carest Murayama a cultural site.

Some of the the best attraction in the place is the Rokuduyama Park (big public park with an observation deck), Noyamakita, Colorful indoor playground Arcade, Sayama lake  (Autumn in color,cycling and nature), katakuri hot Spring and the Musashimurayama history and folklore Museum. The place has many spots to visit. There are many exciting adventure to be done and entertaining activities to do in the place. Explore and discover more of it’s bearings and filled yourself with holiday satisfaction.

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