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Niigata is a prefecture of Japan located in the Chubu region

The capital is the city of Niigata

Niigata hosts the largest Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and usually held at Naeba ski resort

The city of Niigata is now third largest Japanese city facing the Sea of Japan. It was the first time Japanese port on the Sea of Japan that is opened to foreign trade following the opening of Japan by Matthew Perry.

Niigata serves as important role in trade with Russia and korea. And once a month a freighter from North Korea visits Niigata, in one of the few forms of direct contact between Japan and Korea.

By the Etsuzankai organization, led by the politician kakuei Tanaka, the infrastructure of Niigata improved so well in the year 1960s and 1970s.

Niigata is one of the largest outdoor music events with international musicians in over 100,000 people attending.

The place is very nice to spend for vacation and field trip.

It is abundance with natural resources and is known for Historical site and cultural attraction.
Choose Niigata as your destination and enjoy your holiday vacation with love ones, families and friends.

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