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Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido

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Sapporo is the capital of Hokkaido and also known as Japan’s fifth largest city.

It is also one of the nation’s younger cities.

The city’s population rise at seven people during 1857.

Sapporo was chosen as the island’s administrative center during the beginning of Meiji period. Accordingly, the city was built based on a North American style rectangular street system.  

In 1972 when Olympic Winter Games held in Japan,

Sapporo became world famous.

At present, the city is well known for its ramen, beer and the annual snow festival in February.

Hokkaido is previously known as Yezo, Yeso or Yesso and Ezo.

It is known as the second largest island of Japan and the largest and northernmost prefecture.

The Tsugaro Strait separates Hokkaido from Honshu. These two islands are linked by Seikan Tunnel an undersea railway.

Moreover, about 43 km north of Hokkaido lays Sakhalin Island, Russia, while to its east and north-east are the disputed Kuril Island.

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