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Can a foreigner sell property in Japan?
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Tachikawa is a city located in Western portion of Tokyo Metropolis, Japan. A estimated population of 180,967 and 7,430 person per km. it is also part of the ancient Musashi Province. The village of Tachikawa was created on April 1, 1889 with the establishment of Municipalities law. The administrative control was transferred to Tokyo Metropolis on April 1, 1893. In 1992 the Imperial Japanese Army established Tachikawa Airfield which the place become city status. Tachikawa is now a modern city and it is located on the Musashi plains, the wide flatlands covering much of saitama prefecture and stretching south into the outlaying western parts of Tokyo. The city serves as a major traffic hub, shopping center and industrial zone.

Tachikawa city is one of the busiest stops in West Tokyo with a great promenade on both banks. Tachikawa has a lot of interesting places of attraction that worth visiting for. Here are some of the sites of Tachikawa: 1.Showa Park which is walking distance from Tachikawa station. This amazing beautiful park was opened on the site of the old Tachikawa air base. It spans at 1.8 square kilometers and has a variety of seasonal gardens, an entire array of activities for children as well as cycling tracks, mini golf and other activities. There are many attractions in the park but visual attractions are depending on the season. The rainbow pool seems to be the favorite among the park visitors. 2. Ride the Monorial and experience the interesting rides at Manorial. 3. The polar science Museum it is located at the Southside of the National Institute of Polar research building. Japan has been long involved with the polar research. The museum gives you enlightenment information about polar and meteorology, geology, glacier motion, life science, ice dynamics and others. You will be amazed of the information and knowledge you get. 4. Sowa shrine the oldest shrine in existence it consist of six keidaisha and six shrines. 5. The Tama Zoo has three ecological areas; the Asiatic garden, the African garden, the African and Australian garden. The animal habitants are both naturalistic and spectacular. 6.The festival the place always have a festival going on particularly in the week ends. Japanese loves festival, reasons to attend is the extremely feeling of fun and there’s always something to do for any and every taste.
There are many spots or places in tachikawa that is enjoyable and interesting. This is a place to relax, unwind and escape to stressing life of big cities.

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