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  3. Japan’s Summer of Deadly Disasters: Earthquakes, Typhoons and Heat.

Japan’s Summer of Deadly Disasters: Earthquakes, Typhoons and Heat.

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Rescuers are using heavy equipment to dig to the debris from a landslide that buried houses and people that happened in the small town of Atsuma.

Last Thursday, landslide was triggered by a magnitude 6.7 earthquake that shook the island, killing at least nine people, collapsing houses and cutting electricity to millions of home.

           It’s the most recent in a series of disasters that have hit Japan, after several deaths caused by a severe typhoon, flooding and heatwaves this summer.  

           About 40, 000 rescue workers and 22,000 troops from Japan’s Self Defense Forces, worked throughout the night in Atsuma to search for people feared buried in the rubble.

Families of those missing anxiously stood as the teams dug deep into the displace earth.

           The electricity returned last Friday and Shin Chitose Airport, which is nearby, had resumed its partial operation. All flights are expected to be back on Saturday.  









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