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YEOUL!Home for the top seller expensive real estate companies;

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Have stuffs unused? Need money? No time?  YEOUL is the answer.


Yeoul is an assessment agency for real estate companies in Japan and in the world. It has been known that Yeoul can easily provide best broker for you in just for seconds. It provides more than 1,700 companies across the country for your convenient and satisfaction. We select the best companies from local real estate companies as well as major domestic real estate companies and will propose the best assessment price for you.

Yeoul will also abide you information and guidelines for the usage of comparison technique as to venture into Real Estate Company and we will also guarantee customers for efficient and effective service from the chosen company and to whatever complain will take will provide immediate action or worse termination of our real estate company partner.

We have four simple flows in engaging real estate sales using YEOUL:

  1. EASY REGISTRATION – provide or enter your real estate information and your personal information and that you want to request for an assessment

  2. BULK REQUEST – request for a real estate agents with high sales results. Assessment results will be received from us and the company chosen.

  3. CONCLUDED INTERMEDIARY CONTRACT – It will provide you an intermediary contract with a reliable real estate agent and will responsible for an immediate response to your quires.

  4. RELEASE REAL ESTATE SALES CONTRACT – If the agreement is done compatibly without stress the deal is considered and releases contract and legal documents.



WHY is real estate bulk assessment completely free?

It is because you have received a fee from a partner real estate company. Even if you use the bulk assessment site, the cost will actually be incurred at the time the sales contract occurs and it will be free until then.


In just a matter of seconds, 60 seconds to be exact your impression of hurdle will gone and surely meet your desired outcomes. In addition YEOUL introduced interactive that are intuitively easy to operate.


EASY AND CONVENIENT assessment selling is now here to find! YEOUL is your friendly reminder. Choose wise and sale it wise!


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